We're offering a full range of services for the industry.


Consultation: With the awareness that we can’t be the preferred choice of supplier for every Turkish stones, we are glad to offer our consultation service to guide you to the right supplier. If it requires our inspection service, we offer our consultation service on fee basis, if it doesn’t, we offer it free of charge, on simply courtesy basis. We would be just pleased to provide to international buyers opportunities to make informative decisions. Our ultimate goal is to make our selective clients competitive in their own market with Turkish Stones, either by offering our productions and our services, or to guide them in the right direction to ensure satisfactory experience in procuring Turkish stones with the right suppliers.


In the type of stones that we can’t be competitive, either accessibility wise to good blocks or cost wise, we use other manufacturer’s finished product to procure and sell. While involving in this trade, we ensure quality of production and timely service by conducting inspection either during selecting of raw materials and/or during production and/or during packing after production. Allying the planning time of other company’s production is not always easy, therefore, in case of inability to conduct quality control during production, we bring the finished products to our warehouse to inspect slab-by-slab, tile-by-tile to avoid any surprises of other company’s production. Basically, we try our best not to disappoint our clients with quality of product with our own production and/or with other manufacturers production.


Thanks to our slab manufacturing partner Marmados, a newly established slab processing company with its high quality production standard, supported with its state-of-art production facility in Denizli, MarbleOz can choose blocks from quarries, get it processed in slabs to assure the customers’ receiving the best quality. Our experienced team visits quarries on regular basis to procure blocks to process them in slabs to create the finest slab collection for our warehouse. We are proud to state that over the last 5 years in Turkey, we have accumulated experience of natural stones, working with more than 350 different quarries. When it comes to fulfilling our customer needs for cut-to-size project, we have an agreement with a fabrication company in Denizli, where we can take advantages of their bridge saws, water jet, CNC and edge profiling machinery set-ups to supply our customers dimensional stone needs. While our core business is slabs, we can take advantages of our tile and mosaics manufacturer partners’ machinery set-up to process our blocks in tiles and in mosaics for specific needs of our clients.